Hi!  My name is Christin.  I am a married, 38 year old mom of five wonderful kids, one of which (was) non-verbal and autistic (he is my beautiful inspiration for this website), and three others also on the neurological spectrum to varying degrees.  I am a stay-at-home mom, I home-school and run a small ten acre farm.  We have two mini jersey cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and turkeys.  I also breed pure (working/show line) German Shepherds.  Our farm is completely grass-fed, pastured, non-gmo and organic.

My husband has a full-time job that has him commuting about three hours round trip each day, which means he leaves early and gets home late.  Trying to balance a full-time job, with a full-time farm, full-time autism…homeschooling x 3…oh and our temperamental but adorable (and accidental) two year old…I find myself wondering what the hell were we thinking several times a day, lol!

I am a homeopath at heart…or as one of my son’s specialists put it; “granola”, lol.  I am granola?  I wasn’t always this way…er…well, I was somewhere deep inside.  Awakened it needed to be, mmm yes (totally just said that in my best Yoda voice).  My “awakening” began shortly after having my third child (who is now 9).  After years of investigation and research I started to take a different approach to food, cleaning, traditional medicine etc.  My autistic son further catapulted me into this world because it became a necessity to ensure that the path we are on to heal him was not compromised in any way.

I’m not one of those “wow, she’s really got it all together” kinda moms, even if it might look like it…do not be fooled, at times I can easily define crazy.  I have a lot of opinions…on everything (it’s the Italian in me I guess).  I make loads of mistakes, I suck at math, I utterly despise making dinner and I curse more than I should.    I am a glass half-full kinda person.  This causes me to have trouble accepting absolutes, which I guess can be a good thing at times, but not so good at others.  I love to read and learn.  I also take the approach that if it’s something that I can do myself then you bet your ass I’m gonna try!

So to wrap up this “about” thing, lol, I think what I enjoy doing the most is just helping people.  If I can help make someone’s life a little bit easier, then that makes me feel genuinely happy.  If you read my first post called “Our Story” then you probably read my intentions for this blog.  I want to share everything I have learned with all of you because I know some of what I have to say can help.  Not only that, but I want to share bits and pieces of our ups and downs as a family.  A family trying their best to get through the day to day life of raising autism.  I think sometimes it really helps to be able to identify with others going through similar things, to just know that we aren’t alone.  I want my readers to feel this is a place they can come, a judgement free zone, to read, talk, learn or offer their own advice and perspectives.

Thank you so for much visiting, I look forward to getting to know you!